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This podcast is one man's reflection of how loss, death, grief and bereavement have affected my life since losing my father at 10 years old.

Sep 27, 2017

I recently wore a watch that was left to me by my uncle. Wearing it made me feel closer to him... and it really made me happy. Here I reflect on things left to me be relatives.

Do you have any heirlooms left to you, and if so do you incorporate them in any way in your daily life?

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Sep 20, 2017

I am often asked how long did it take me to "get over" my father's death.

The short answer is I haven't and I won't... at least not completely. In this episode I use my time in the army and the activity of running to explain why.

Now if I could just beat this cold!!

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Sep 13, 2017

While editing some images last wekk, I was listeing the CD "The B-Sides" by Prince.

To clarify, before there was streaming music services and befor CDs music was sold on vinyl as a 2 sided disc. When you purchase a hit single, it was on the A-side of the record and the B-side was usually the instrumental of that song or...

Sep 6, 2017

I had the opportunity to help move some furniture at an assisted living facility for senior citizens. There I met a gentleman who was trying to deal the challenge of just trying to walk a short distance.

What I leaned from him in the span of 10 minutes is something I should have learned a long time ago - sometimes small...