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This podcast is one man's reflection of how loss, death, grief and bereavement have affected my life since losing my father at 10 years old.

Feb 19, 2020

There are amazing people using different avenues to express and deal with grief... especially as it relates to children. 

As someone who lost my father when I was a child, I look to spotlight organizations who are helping children deal in some way no matter how big or small with their loss.

This week I have a...

Feb 12, 2020

People don't give us what we expect in grief because they don't know what we need... and often cases we don't tell them.

Before we pass judgement on those around us, let us first take a step back and process what is going on around us and try to figure out exactly what's behind a persons actions and what we can do...

Feb 5, 2020

Sometimes we can't give grief the attention it deserves either because the magnitude of grief hasn't hit yet, or because there are other pressing needs that need our attention.

When my father died. my mother's main focus as making sure our basic needs were met. There was no time to sit and reflect on the journey she...